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About Us

Borkar & Co., is a Mumbai-based Law Firm having its domain of practice in both litigation and non - litigation arenas. Borkar & Co., possesses a profound history, heritage, and tradition which has been flowing down to each generation from late Mr. Gopal Shridhar Borkar, an attorney in Goa during the then prevalent pre-independent Portuguese Rule governing Goa to his son late Mr. Trimbak Gopal Borkar was associated with the British Law firm Little and Co., in Mumbai for nearly about 40 years. He is succeeded by his son Mr. Shivanand Trimbak Borkar who is a Senior Advocate having specialized practice over 40 years in the field of the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, and Property Law. The fourth generation of the heritage of Borkar & Co., is Mr. Siddhesh Shivanand Borkar who is an Advocate having his practice all over the country. Mr. Siddhesh Shivanand Borkar is a specialist in the sphere of Criminology, Cyberlaw, Family Courts, and Consumer Forum practice.


Why Choose Us?

Three qualities that define us are extremely hardworking lawyers, completely accessible at all times, and extremely loyal to our clients. If you're looking for these three qualities in your lawyer/s, we're tailor-made for your work. We form an ancestry that inherently has chosen the path of seeking and imparting knowledge without prejudices or reservations. Furthermore, at Borkar & Co., we behold virtues such as complete honesty, absolute loyalty, and nothing but the truth as our paramount principles along with sheer hard work, determination, persistence, and perseverance. These virtues have been upheld consistently by Borkar & Co., over generations and as a result, we have received timely admiration and accolades for the same from our clientele.

We, at Borkar & Co., are based out of Mumbai, India but we are certainly not restricted to the home city or the state of Maharashtra. We have off late conducted matters before various courts, tribunals, and forums in India in matters related to Arbitrations, Criminal Writ Petitions, Bail and Anticipatory Bails, Special Leave Petitions, and Consumer Complaints and Appeals (National Forum NCDRC). We are now also catering to clients from the USA, UK, SOUTH AFRICA, UAE, SINGAPORE, AUSTRALIA for matters from various streams of law. Our forthcoming objective is to set up alternate Offices/bases at other Metro cities in the country such as New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore, and operate therefrom.



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